OurSpace creates inclusive spaces that can harness community action.

We believe that community projects, initiatives and businesses can make a significant impact on our local neighbourhoods and communities’ wellbeing. They drive local economic development, equity and equality, particularly if they are shaped by leaders with lived experience of exclusion.

By investing into local community spaces we want to ensure that everyone has access to a support network that allows them to turn a bright community project idea into reality. We want to create empowering spaces for belonging where effective community action can come to life.


 “Lots of people would like the opportunity to join growth projects where they see their own ideas come to life, but aren’t able to get to places where these things are normally happening, so it will be good to have them localised for this community here.”

Mel, Community Centre Manager in Tulse Hill estates

OurSpace Launch

On 21st January, we celebrated the #OurSpaceLaunch together with forty-five guests, at a bursting Impact Brixton. We explored and shared thoughts on belonging, community activism, inclusivity and gentrification.
Throughout the evening we started to uncover some of the barriers that challenge collaborations in our neighbourhoods. We collected key learnings about the core ingredients of inclusive spaces for community action, and asked ourselves a vital question:

What do we actually mean by community in a changing environment like Lambeth or London?

How-to-build-inclusive-spaces-for-community-action 001.jpg

Coming up!

Over the next three months we will be spreading the word about OurSpace within Brixton, Angell Town and Tulse Hill.

Make sure you join our events!