OurSpace – Open Projects seeks to explore how we can build inclusive spaces that can harness community action. 

Community projects, initiatives and businesses make a difference to our local neighbourhoods, and are a collaborative alternative to a profit-driven economic system that is failing. They allow communities to work together and identify new collective solutions to challenges. They create employment opportunities and build local economic resilience.

Think about the effects of successful local greening and gardening projects on our environments; or neighbourhood nurseries on mothers’ and families’ wellbeing; the celebration of our diversity and cultures through local community festivals. Community action makes a difference in our lives!

OurSpace wants to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be a part in shaping the future of our neighbourhoods, and particularly people in our community who have lived experience of social and/or economic exclusion.

By investing into local community spaces, the centres at our doorstep, we want to increase opportunities of accessing the skills and networks that might enable people to become community entrepreneurs. We believe that strong, inclusive community spaces build local capacity in the long run and set the conditions for community business ideas to flourish over time.


Open Project Night is a successful example for an inclusive community space, empowering local people to bring their ideas for change to life. Working in close partnership with Lambeth-based community spaces Impact Hub Brixton, Angell Delight Community Centre, Yellow Cube Community Centre and Azawala Cafe Gallery, we want to explore how this model could potentially be adapted and taken forward to empower other spaces, centres and the communities around them.

Our approach will see us accumulate knowledge and learning on how best to harness community spaces’ potential, as well as on what kind of conditions need to be in place in order for people to explore and build community business ideas.


Angell Delight Community Centre

Azawala Cafe Gallery

Businesses Under Development (BUD)

Impact Hub Brixton

Power to Change

The Ubele Initiative

The Yellow Qube CIC in Tulse Hill

OurSpace - Open Projects is funded by Big Lottery Fund, through Power to Change





Emma Allen, Virginie Bellaton, Naz Choudhury, Caesar Gordon, Matthew Hussey, Wayne James, Sonja Montague MacKay, Bernie J Mitchell, Izzy Obeng, Noah Persson, Johannes Ruppacher, Raphael Ruppacher, Drew Sinclair, Daniel Stanley, Tom Trim