How to launch an idea for positive change? OurLeaders attended Train the Trainer Weekend course

On 21st -22nd September 2019, OurLeaders attended Train the Trainer Weekender, that introduced Lead Positive Change course, to learn how to launch an idea for positive change. It was another stage of OurProgramme that empowers 21 community leaders to create change in their neighbourhoods and community centres. The Centres involved in the programme are Impact Brixton, Yellow Qube and Azawala.

This 2-day workshop aimed to equip, enable and empower leaders in business and the community with the tools they need to create change. The Lead Positive Change course was developed by one of our partners, Businesses Under Development (BUD). BUD’s leadership approach is focused on supporting leaders and emerging leaders to become their best selves. The key areas of learning included: building confidence and being fearless, identifying super-powers,  wellbeing in leadership and clarifying visions and strategies for change.

At the moment, OurLeaders are delivering Lead Positive Change course in their community spaces. It’s great to see them in action, facilitating inclusive spaces!

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