We launched OurSpace!!


On 21st January 2019, we celebrated the OurSpace launch together with forty-five guests, at a bursting Impact Brixton. We explored and shared thoughts on belonging, community activism, inclusivity and gentrification.

Throughout the evening we started to uncover some of the barriers that challenge collaborations in our neighbourhoods. We collected key learnings about the core ingredients of inclusive spaces for community action, and asked ourselves a vital question: What do we actually mean by community in a changing environment like Lambeth or London?

What participants said...

'We need to speak openly about the inequalities some of our communities in Lambeth are facing. This evening felt like a step in the right direction.'
'I just really want to celebrate today. That this is a space that we've come together to talk about some of these difficulties.'

The event exceeded our expectations. Thank you ALL for great conversations and joining us!