OurLeaders Programme took off with Residential in Frimhurst Family House


OurLeaders Programme took off on the weekend 30th May-2nd June 2019 with Residential in Frimhurst Family House. 21 leaders from Angell Delight, YellowQube and Impact Brixton have begun their journeys to become inclusive spaces facilitators and change agents in their neighbourhoods and community centres.

‘Thanks to the incredible support from Lambeth Council and all our supporters who backed our Crowdfunding Campaign, we had the opportunity to spend an intensive 3 days of learning in the Surrey countryside. Community leaders from across Lambeth could share their challenges, connect and support each other whilst gaining new vital skills in facilitation and leadership to keep on empowering members of their community. We were able to create a space in which participants could reflect on their work and life as leaders, step out of their comfort zone and come together as a new community.' said Stephanie Gamauf, OurSpace Co-Founder and Producer.

We look forward to continue working with OurLeaders. Watch this space!

Photos by Susanne Hakuba