Leaders and Emerging Leaders to connect for positive change during Activate! event

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Business Under Development BUD is hosting an exciting 1-day event for leaders and emerging leaders of a Community Business, Social Enterprise or a Community Project to celebrate, connect and collaborate for positive change. Activate! The Best Leaders create Leaders will take place on Wednesday 10th July in London and we’ll be there running one of the workshops.

This event is a unique opportunity to learn how to effectively lead yourself and others in community and business. Moreover, thanks to funding from Power to Change, the event is free to attend so make sure your register and bring your passions.


Georgina Wilson, Founder and Leader of Business Under Development (BUD), and Co-Founder and Programme Design Lead of OurSpace, shares:

I believe that in order to lead positive change it’s essential to become an “empowering leader”. We’re bringing an opportunity for leaders and emerging leaders to connect and be enabled to shine in their gifts and talents to come together for collaborative positive change.”

Through creative workshops designed for the Activate! day, you will be able to explore innovative methods and tools to become a successful and inclusive community leader, focusing on leadership of self and developing other leaders. Furthermore, you will develop your coaching skills, find out how to share your story to build support, explore the psychology of the emerging leader and the cycle of the empowered leader.

We are going to run a workshop on inclusive leadership that can harness community action.

In order for leaders to empower leaders, BUD has embedded opportunities for authentic connection and sharing throughout the day.

Take your vision to the next level and get your free ticket at  www.activatingleaders.eventbrite.com